Monday, September 5, 2011

After a great evening out this weekend with friends, Steven and I came to the realization that we need to get out more. It has been almost 6 months (!) since we became home owners, and we've been pouring every extra bit of energy we have into the house. As a result, we've definitely become shut-ins. And not just any shut-ins, but the crazy kind of shut-ins; you know, the ones with hammers that desperately need a shower.

We both strongly believe that life should be kept in balance, and things should done in moderation. While we don't always succeed rarely succeed, we really try. Of course, as I'm writing this I'm going through a mental checklist of everything that needs to be done in the house (we're having our house warming on the 24th, (yeah, yeah, 6 months late) so I'm getting a little frantic).

But I really want to make a dedication to get things back in balance. I'm just not sure how to yet. School has started for the both us, and I'm getting shoulder surgery either later this month or next month, and we desperately need to start saving up money for the kitchen reno (in good news , we painted - yup that's right, painted! - the gross, disgusting subway tiles in the bathroom, so we no longer feel an intense need to renovate the bathroom. Just a minor need.). Plus, I want to stop sinking every bit of extra money into the house.

So, here are my goals:

1. Make school a priority and get all As. I love who I work for, but I don't love my job. I feel that with a masters I will be better able to jump to the job I really want. If nothing else, I can pretend I'm a brainiac.

2. Heal. I've dealt with injury after injury over the last year, from a torn meniscus in my knee to this shoulder issue. Granted my shoulder is an old injury (at least 7 years old) that's been festering and I'm just now taking care of it. Time to focus on resting, getting enough sleep and being healthy.

3. Blog more. I like love writing. I worked as a youth journalist at the regional newspaper for 4 years while in high school, took creative writing and actually get excited when I have to write really long research papers. I think blogging will help me kind of regain calm -- something I desperately need.

4. Get out of debt. I'm sure this is on everyone's list but I really want to do this. I want to live a life where Steven and I don't have to work to pay off bills and can focus on the things we want to do (travel more). It would also give us more freedom in job choices. Now I just have to curb my design/renovation habit and buckle down and do it.

5. Take more breaks. Steven and I are always running full-steam ahead on whatever project we're working on and it's really easy to lose focus and make bad, costly decisions that I regret later. We took the later part of July and the early part of August off from renovation to save up some money for our vacation and it was just too hot, and I feel that our decisions after we lived in our space were much better.

6. Get out more. Sometimes I feel like a hermit. It's become painfully obvious how much time I spend in the house. It's pretty sad.

So there you have it. My 6 steps to happiness. I just need to actually follow my own advice now. I think that's the hardest part.

I'll be back sometime soon with a whole slew of pictures from the house. Maybe if I write about it I won't want to do tons of stuff...

Yeah. Right.

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