Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life's little lessons

This month (well, the last month and a half really) has certainly been exciting. And frustrating. And rage-inspiring. And plain ole' inspiring.

After I wrote about life conspiring to get me, Steven was in a (fortunately) minor car accident, which while it did little to no known damage to him, it really screwed up his car. And really, I'll take that. Plus, we had been planning on getting a new car this month/next month so this really actually kind of sped up that process. My wallet was recovered. By the police. Because some old broad posed as me and tried to buy a ticket to Paris and board a plane. Thank goodness I reported every single piece of identification in my wallet stolen, along with my credit cards and the system came through.

We fixed a slew of other smaller, but equally as frustrating issues (almost every company that sends us bills on a monthly basis billed us wrong this month) and actually got to spend time with each other. Something that's been in short supply over the last two months. I've even managed to stay on top of school work and home repairs (though we'll see how long that lasts once I have my surgery). And on the topic of home repairs, we changed the paint in a few rooms, moved some furniture around and added a linen closet and suddenly the house actually feels like a home (more on that later this week/early next week).

Basically, I feel that life was on a rampage to teach us some important lessons about having a good chunck of savings in the bank, time management and spending good, quality time with each other. I'm still awful at putting money in the bank, and everytime I step into HomeGoods I blow my savings account (you know, the entire $30 that's perpetually in there), but I'm at least more aware and trying. Steven is trying too and that's all I can ask. As for time management and spending time together, we're getting there. I've always been good at multi-tasking, but I'm not good at being romantic or lovey-dovey, whereas Steven is better at being lovey-dovey than multi-tasking. Perhaps with our powers combined...

I've also realized how fortunate we are to have such good friends and family. Everyone has been so supportive over the last month. From just listening to us bitch, to invaluable advice, to going out of their way to help us out, we just have the best friends/family ever.

Now on a completely different subject, our 5 month anniversary is coming up in the house and I have tons of before/afters to share. You know, something on topic for once!

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