Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Last night I came home from a day of training, sick as a dog to find that Klaus and Nyx (our beloved dogs) had ripped open a bag of whole wheat flour in the sunroom/my office. I of course, chose the responsible route and just collapsed on the couch without cleaning it up.

While I laid there basically comatose for a couple hours, waiting for Steven to get home from work, I started noticing that Klaus and Nyx would randomly walk over to the piles of powder and would sniff the flour and then lick it. Then they'd come back to the couch with their snouts covered in white power.

I started to wonder if I had gone back into the 1980s and Klaus and Nyx were really just extras in Scarface. Then I kept giggling at the thought of Klaus introducing Nyx as his "little friend".

And all of this without the aid of drugs.

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