Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Most Exciting Blog Post Topic Evar!

That's right! We're going to talk about packing!

Steven and I are notoriously bad at packing. We've moved a bunch, so when it comes to packing we like the grab and stuff technique because we put it off to the last minute, which while it has never ended in broken items, it has resulted in a lot of stress. Fortunately, we have 15-30 days to move out of our apartment after we close, so we'll have plenty of time for last minute packing but we're trying to be proactive and be packed and ready to go before we actually move.

Part of the packing for us is purging the unnecessary items we've accumulated. Usually per move we can get rid of at least two or three boxes worth of storage, but we're hoping for even more for this move. We bought a paper shredder and started in on our "important papers", which let me tell you, weren't so important. I found bills from 2008 in there and a pay stub for Steven from 2003. I think we're paper hoarders.

Because bubble wrap is absurdly expensive, I had an idea to use the shredded paper as packing materials. Example one:

It seems to be working so well. It condenses easily to provide stability for the items in the box and cushions those air pockets you inevitably get when packing items.

We did end up buying the aforementioned absurdly expensive bubble wrap to wrap up our "fancy dishes". I will say, we have only used about a quarter of the bubble wrap, but I have a lot of breakable art to wrap and 175 sq. feet just isn't going to cut it.

No really. We have a lot of art. This isn't all of it either. I left most of the art up in the bedroom because it looked so orange without it.

Now we're going to spend the weekend primarily destressing, putting together some more DIY projects and I guess pack/declutter if we find time. I think I might try to convince Steven to go out to Leesburg where they have lots of excellent antique shops and a Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel outlet!!!!!!

In the meantime, here's Neptune, our lady cat surveying the mess that is our apartment:

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