Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DIY Weekend and Gettin' It Done

So remember when I posted that it's a good idea to be reasonable on your offer so that if there are things you need the seller to take care of in the back end (like a roof repair), they will be more inclined to do it?

Well, I was right! We heard back last night that our sellers have agreed to a complete electrical system overhaul and roof repairs because we were reasonable about the asking price. I suppose they could be desperate, but ego-boosts by being right (or thinking you are) are always nice.

To keep our minds off the ever approaching deadline for when we needed to hear back about repairs, we spent all weekend DIYing.

From Design Sponge, we found a DIY for a faux-capiz shell chandelier. Having wanted one of these for the last forever, I was pumped to make it.

Here's the link: http://www.designspongeonline.com/2010/08/diy-project-brennas-paper-capiz-shell-chandelier.html

Here's what ours looks like:

Isn't it pretty over the Irish bouquet? We did a couple things differently. 1. I didn't pay attention and got a basket without those cross sections, so I glued my ribbon to it in an effort to keep them in place (then unglued them all to get them back to where I actually wanted). 2. I didn't use parchment paper at all but rather an extra sheet of wax paper.

We also started building a copper pipe towel rack. I'll post DIY instructions when we're complete. We've had some issues getting the pipe cut....we bought the wrong type of pipe cutter at first, but had an excellent ghetto DIY session in the parking lot of Lowes.

So we have a Mini, and bought two ten foot sections of copper pipe and for whatever reason they wouldn't cut them in half in the store, so we did it in the parking lot! But remember! Safety First!

That's all for now -- time to be productive!

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