Thursday, April 21, 2011

Who knew that buying a house would take up so much time? Haha, that was a joke.

We're actually ahead of schedule on the closing process and might be able to close on Tuesday or Wednesday. Sure, two days early doesn't make much of a difference to most people, but I'm "eeeeee"ing inside.

We drove by the house this morning after a doctor's appointment to see what it looked like in full-bloom and to peek in to see if they had done the work to the house yet. And guess what we saw? All new outlets that are grounded and pretty! On top of which we have a gorgeous Japanese Maple in the yard that hands out underneath a towering tree. I was thinking that the lack of air conditioning would be a problem in the house, but there's so much shade already (Even without the gigantic tree fully bloomed) that it's definitely going to be cool during the summer.

There's also this sweet batch of blue and white ground cover flowers -- mainly on the neighbor's side of the lot, but we have a few. Unfortunately, we'll be digging up most of it for our epic gardening plans, but we're going to be replacing it with tons of flowering plants, so I feel it's a good trade-off.

I decided my priority is going to be the garden/outdoor space because my office will be overlooking the garden and I find flowers to be motivational.

Thanks to an excellent house warming gift from one of my Grandmas, we have a bunch of new flowers and later this evening we have a return trip planned for Home Depot. We found a ton of blackboard paint, Kilz 2 and some other items that need to go back. Since we can't save receipts to save our lives, that's $100 in store credit going directly towards more plants. Mmmm plants.

Just as a side note, last night, I got a kiwi plant. KIWI. Here's hoping it produces fruit. My strawberry plant already has two tiny strawberries growing. I think I might turn one of the back flower beds into a strawberry patch with some raspberry plants thrown in. I'm all about vertical gardening back there because the space sucks. I also saw some cool rain gutter hanging flower baskets on Apartment Therapy. Those will look cool hanging down from our 1950s awning.

I'll edit later with photos. I'm just feeling lazy right now.

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