Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hog-wild weekend

In 40 hours-ish, we'll be signing for the house! Assuming the underwriter gets everything back to the processor and the title company tomorrow, but they swear it can be done.

Still not sure why it takes 3 people to do the same job. They're worse than the government.

Oh and our loan processor is amazing. She told me she'd side with me against the horrible loan officer because, and I quote, "[she's] in a man-hating mood". She also told me today about her fear of dogs and told me how annoying the loan officer is. I kind of <3 her.

Anyways, so we sign on Friday and then tackle this first-weekend-in-the-house-we're-so-excited-and-want-to-do-everything list:


1. Run home, clean out garage, set up chicken coop.

We bought everything today! It really wasn't that expensive. With the chickens it's going to come in under 300. It helps that it's "chick days" at Tractor Supply so everything related to chicken raisin' is on sale.

Also, because we're buyin' chickens I have to take the "g" off of "ing" words. It's only right.

2. GO BUY CHICKENS. That's right folks, we picked them out today. We're getting two 6-week old hens, a feisty Leghorn, a docile New Hampshire and then a full grown hen that's about a year old. She's also the size of a 6 week old hen and super docile. I'll reveal the names when we get them situated.

3. Plant front garden (it's tiny, and I have all the plants, or most of them, so this should only take an hour. I also day dream about the placing of the plants in my spare time so I'm pretty sure I have it all mentally mapped out).

No really. I have all of the plants.

4. Play with chickens.

If we have time we're going to dig and set the posts for our new fence as well. But somehow, I don't think we're going to accomplish this.


1. Remove possible asbestos tiles on Saturday. We have the whole day blocked for this....I'm sooooo excited.

2. Play with chickens.


1. Tear out the two tiny garden beds in the back "yard" and replace with a newly constructed tall bed.

2. Plant the beds. The back yard is going to be purely edible plants. This will work especially well because chickens like to fertilize plants and eat bugs off of crops.

Look at all my greens. AND THAT HUGE BUTTER CRISP. THAT WAS $5 AT THE FARMER'S MARKET AND WE'VE ALREADY MADE 2 SALADS FROM IT. /end excitement. And I have about 30 strawberry plants. Steven had to forcibly stop me from buyin' more. Which is especially ridiculous given that this guy will buy a thing of strawberries and nom them all in a day.

Oh wait, that's not very manly is it? By strawberries I mean bbq. Ahem.


3. Play with chickens.

4. My wonderful parents are drivin' up to show us how to cut moulding, put in new light fixtures (already purchased a new ceilin' fan for the livin' room and chandelier for the bathroom). My dad is also lettin' me borrow a circular saw, jigsaw, powerwasher and givin' me a miter saw. He's kind of the best.

5. Power wash the year's worth of leaves off the patio and stick these awesome citronella candles we bought from the Crate & Barrel outlet into the flower beds.


1. Pack furniture from old apartment and move it to the new apartment.

2. Play with chickens.

So, as you can see, we're going to go hog-wild. I'm mostly excited about the chickens. I mean, home owning is cool but ...chickens!

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